June 3, 2011

Ice cream heaven

I bought a half kilo of ice cream and gelato today to celebrate the return of my sense of taste after a bad bout of the flu. The best Italian ice cream in town set me back by a whopping 43 pesos (US$10)!

Frutiera (strawberry, peach, orange), banana, mango,
and a complimentary sampling of apple

While ostensibly about ice cream, this post could also be aptly titled "Latin men heaven".

At the ice cream parlor, a 6' 2'' footballer-lookalike opened the door for me, and not because I was looking hot myself! Two strapping grown men eating ice cream together in public, and to open the door for me on my worst-looking day ever (sans make-up, in glasses, sneakers) - what is there not to love about Latin men?

Footballer-lookalike is in white and shades on the 
lower right-hand corner


  1. Super like! I am salivating at the abundance of fresh and gorgeous food there!

  2. 這邊冰淇淋的口味繁多(不過沒有舊金山的花俏/奇特),gelato是我的最愛!

  3. The ice cream flavours in Argentina sound very fresh and authentic. does that mean the weird/different ones in San Francisco are not as scrumptious...? Or is it just gelato in Argentina, and no ice-cream? Gelato is denser, so the flavour is much more intense.

  4. SF ice cream is different, but not as 原味, I would say. Interesting point you made about gelato being denser - because there's no milk and cream mixed in, right?

  5. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1531917/gelato_vs_ice_cream_which_is_healthier.html?cat=51

    Gelato is dense because of less amount of air churned in. And it uses milk more than cream. So yes it is slightly healthier!